Visual Art Competition

© CC/Topaz Non-professional artists, for the European heritage days, use your imagination and paint the European aspect of your city. Look around you, Europe is everywhere, as a part of your city’s heritage, culture, history... How do you see or imagine it? How are you inspired by what you (...)

Innovative Professional Meeting in Arad

The Innovative Professional Meeting was the fourth meeting of the Europe for Citizens cycle. It took place in Arad, romania, on two days, 24th and 25th of may 2016. It was the continuation of the work on innovation started in Nantes during the third meeting, and also a transition before the last f (...)

Visit the european city of Nantes #2

The City Tour “Nantes in Europe” , proposed by Graine d’Europe, has been updated and reorganize #2. The 2hours tour in the city center of Nantes gives an orignial european point of view on cultural, economics, politics, architechtural… sides of the city. This visit allows a ne (...)

Apéro'péen - European get-together

© photo Marcus Bell/Studio Impressions   The European partners from the My European City network came together for their Innovation Meeting. You were invited to join them to discover and cele (...)

Innovation Meeting - Thank you all!

© Valéry Joncheray The European partners from the My European City network  came together for their Innovation Meeting in Nantes an innovative place. With exchanges and team work, the dynami (...)

European short film competition

© CC/Rory Hyde UPDATE: Entries to Short Film Competition are now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Non-professional film maker, for the european heritage days, use your imagination and film the reuse and rehabilitation of the industrial heritage of your c (...)